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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 20, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm PST

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but let me slide over and evade your question and -- >> no, no, no. >> look, i think it's clear that when you're in the middle of an election campaign, whoever you are, you have less flexibility. so i think more was made -- >> it's a different kind of relationship with russia, which is after all a behemoth out there that we are not talking about very much and it is a big stakes in iran. >> i think we have to deal with russia. they are on a player on a number of issues that are important to us. and we have to feel out the relationship now with putin who is being very aggressive. >> we're almost out of time. we have five seconds here. >> i don't think that the united states of america can be effective if we stand with the forces of autocracy in front of freedom. that's fundamental. >> i have to make that the final word. thanks to all of you here. quick programming note, stay with nbc news for special coverage of president obama's inauguration starting tomorrow on "today." that's all for today.
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if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear -- president obama takes the oath of office for the second time at the white house. good afternoon to you, i'm craig melvin and you are watching msnbc, the place for politics, and this is how president obama's second term started earlier today. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i, barack hussein obama do solemnly swear -- >> i, barack hussein obama, do s solemnly swear -- >> to execute the office of the president of the united states --
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>> to execute the office of the president of the united states -- >> will protect and preserve and defend the constitution of the united states. >> will protect and preserve the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. we have team coverage of the 57th presidential inauguration, and luke russert is with us on the washington mall, but we start with peter alexander on the north lawn of the white house this afternoon. pete, we know that the first family attended the historic metropolitan church this morning, and what are they up to right now? >> well, they get some quiet time together as a family which compared to the hundreds of thousands of people now converging on the capitol ahead of tomorrow's public swearing in and the presidential address, the inaugural address to take place, we believe they are here at the white house right now. we have a good look at sasha obama, the youngest daugt e of
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the oobamas today after the swearing in took place and she looked at her dad and said, you didn't mess it up. he said i didn't, and it was a cute moment there. and there was a candlelight session that took place here, and tomorrow the ceremonies really pick up, and the first family will be 100 yards from where i am standing at the reviewing stand and they will be watching the parade as it passes and the inaugural planners will be hoping that the weather holds, because it is a spectacular day in the 60 compared to temperatures in the teens and windchills in the 40s a four years ago. and that is not the case here. the president and the family will walk over to the st. john's church and the church of the president as it is so often known for the first family before the inaugural swearing in and then the parade and then the ball, and ten of them four years ago, but just two, and still pretty good ones this time around. >> peter alexander from the
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white house, and of course, we will come to you back later in the show. right now, let's go to the south part of the mall there, luke russert. what is going on there? >> well, there is a concert that was four years ago and replayed for the folks who might not have been down here, and we are seeing the 6,000 national guard troops mobilize ed fd for the e and the 4,000 district of columbia police officers joined by 2,000 of their friends from around the country. there is a heavy security presence, but not as much as last time, craig. because we expect 500 to 700,000 people here and last time it with was 1.8 million and more sort of room to breathe, and that is what the organizers said, they want the people to walk around and see the mall and see different vantage points. we want to show you what is going on and a lot of the people are walk around, probably thousands and people selling t-shirts down there which is a
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great d.c. pastime which we often see and then this amazing row of port a johns which they want to alleviate some of the problems there because there was too much crowding there, and now they made a nice long row of them from 7th and madison here, craig, and you remember the wrc days, all of the way to the capitol here. and so on the theme of makeing the inauguration accessible and fun and easy for those who want to attend. >> of course, luke russert, the president will be back to work and i understand that the house republicans have a jam-packed schedule as well. they have their own plans for this week, and what are the first things that are on the president's plate and the plate of the house republicans? >> well, craig, you just said it right on. there are is a lot of pomp and circumstance today and tomorrow, but tuesday, the house is back in session and congress back in session and on wednesday, the house gop will vote to increase the debt limit by calling on the senate to pass a budget by april 15th, and then the president has to go right to work in terms of
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a, how to figure out a bi-pa bipartisan compromise on the debt limit and how the fund the government which expires april 1st and the automatic cuts of the sequester and they have to figure that out been march 27th, and so a lot of work to be done by president obama and the congress to meet right behind me come wednesday. so a day to celebrate and then right back at it. >> luke russert on what appears to be a glorious and cloudless day down here. >> beautiful day here. i wish it was tomorrow. take care. >> me and you both. what will come to define the president's second term? changing gun laws? immigration reform? fiscal fights? perhaps, but in the last couple of days he has relaunched the legendary campaign of his, the second term "obama for america" has become an action, and now joining us is bill from the think tank, and from the chicago sun-times, in the flesh, and this is nice and we don't get to
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do this often. but let me start with you, because i know you did some writing of the new operation, but how do you think that organizing for action can be without the president at the top of the ticket? >> well, because they have such great mailing lists and such very state-of-the-art social media and communications, and i think it is a very effective way of amplifying the bully pull p pit that president obama has and because it is independent of the democratic national committee and has no other goal except to support the president's agenda, this new group which is supposed to be meet iing as we speak at hotel in washington, i think that it can be a powerful amplification and support system for the obama agenda in the second term. >> do you think that this is also something like a precursor to bill clinton's globalization as well? do you believe it is the operation that the president will use five years from now when he isis trying to figure o
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the next five yearof his life? >> well, it will be the way ta reagan and roosevelt governed by rally i rallying the american public. there three forces in politics in america, the democrats and the republicans and the public opinion. occasionally the congress will rally against the president which is known to happen quite often. when bush proposed social security reform, congress rally and that was the end of that. and sometimes the president and congress can defy public opinion, but they will pay a price. >> and bill just talked about the legislative branch and the executive branch, but let's talk about the judiciary, because president obama in the second term could have an opportunity to nominate at least one and perhaps two supreme court justices and he has made the mark and nominated two women, and the first latina ever to the high court. let's take a listen here, because this is the president speaking to several of the justices with regards to
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citizens united and take a listen and we will talk about it on the other side. >> with all due deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests. i don't think that the american elections should be bankrolled by america's most powerful interests and worse by foreign entities, but they should be decided by the american people. >> that was the 2010 state of the union and slamming the justices as they sat there and got a lot of attention back then, but do you think that he first of all gets one or two supreme court justices and do you think that perhaps we see some sort of legislation that deals with rolling back citizens united? >> and the answer is yes and yes. and i think that given some of the near retirement or the retirement ages of some of the democratic judges are, that they may decide within this term to step down to ensure that obama
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gets a pick for their replacement, and not cut it too close, so that is i think a very big possibility that he will have at least one replacement, and there have been names floating around about who that could be, but on campaign finance reform, there is a lot of talk about other cases that might be brought or in the system. i think that no one was happy with how this election was financed, but on the other hand nothing changed and this has been the most expensive campaign ever. >> politically, bill schneider, what do you think that president obama learned from the first term that might shape how he handles the second term? >> he was elected on a promise to unite the country, and there is no red america, no blue america, but just the united states of america, and he failed. four presidents in a row have promise promised that and all four of them, clinton, bush, and both bushes, they have all failed. >> why do we believe them? as a citizenry? >> you want to. >> we want to, and there is a reason why we have two parties in the united states, people do disagree. if otherwise, with we would have a unicameral system if everybody
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agreed and i don't know why it is the disagreement, but it is how you manage the partisan divide and not to pretend it does not exist. >> in the second term, he will adopt a new style, the reagan and the roosevelt style and he will rally the constituency which i call the new america which has come the power, and remember the democrats have won the popular vote in 5 of 6 elections and that is a powerful coalition and he will rally them to support the agenda and confront the republicans. >> leave it there and that is a nice tee up to later when we talk more about the second term and lessons from the first term. bill schneider and lynn sweet, this is again, very nice, this the flesh. >> in the flesh. >> i have gifts for you, too, and i will give them to you later. straight ahead, second term for fashion. we are going to look at what is ahead for the first lady and her influence on what american women wear. come back. ou know my heart burns for you... ♪
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and in the midst of prepping for the historic second inaugural address, president obama also dusting off the dance shoes. tomorrow night, he will at the end two official balls including the inaugural military gala and like in 2009 four lucky service members, one from each military branch will have the honor of dancing with the obamas. this is what the dancing pa partners had to say about this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> it has been a little bit of a wow! factor, but i guess maybe a little bit nervous. >> i'm excited and nervous as well. of course, i will be in front of numerous amount of people, and thousands of people dancing. so, you know, it is kind of out of my element, but i think i
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will do my best. >> you will do better than your best. final party preps under way and first lady michelle obama even has a new hairdo, but we know that the buzz tuesday morning will be what did she wear. joining me now an schraeder mullins, author and society columnist, and that necklace has its own twitter handle or zip co code. >> yes, thank you. >> we will talk about that. but the fashion, and this is quite a topic. how would you characterize michelle obama's fashion? >> well, she is incredibly relatable and she will wear j. crew and gap, and then she can pick a michael kors' gown or tom ford gown and we like the first ladies glamorous and then all of the next day wearing a target dress to a family picnic. >> and we saw her in the first
12:17 pm
for mall outfit of the long week & and any idea of what she will be wearing tomorrow night and any idea about the color or the far rick or the designer? >> i will tell you sit the biggest kept secret in washington right now. last inaugural we didn't know who she would pick until she debuts it at the ball and the same thing this year. last time she chose a relatively smaller designer jason wu. >> put him on the map. >> yes, my god. and people think she will do the same thing for somebody else, but she tends to pick michael kors and other american designers, but she got some guff from wear iing a british design to a state dinner. so i think that she will stick american. >> and where does she fall in fashion? >> number one as someone that you would want to dress like. any time she wears a j. crew sweater, it will sell out in minutes. and the same thing of what she wore on "the view" and obviously
12:18 pm
jackie kennedy number up with and then hillary clinton known for the pantsuit and barbara bush known nfor the pearls and michelle obama as fun and approachable and fashion forward and everyone wants to dress like that. >> that is how i am often referred to fashion forward and approachab approachable. i want to talk to you about the bangs that have become all of the talk as well, and what is your take on those sh. >> 49th birthday present and she wants to be more lively and youthful and she wanted to have the last inaugural and wants to be remembered by it. >> and i love it. do you think that other women will have it? >> yes. >> that is generally how it works. thank you so much for stopping by as well. if you had to benefit, and had to place a wager on an artist or designer that she might wear this is. >> little known. she can save their life in one dress. >> someone i would not know if we were talking about them. well, so good to have you here, and thanks for bringing that necklace by as well.
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president obama made some promises to the american people four years ago which he has kept some and he has not kept some other ones. we are going to dig through those, and that is coming up. secretary clinton testifying before the house and the senate this week. is this an indication of some tough battles ahead for the obama administration as it launches into the second term. we will talk about that and a whole lot more. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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12:23 pm
and a twist of historic irony perhaps the country's first black president's public swearing is going to happen on the same day that we honor one of america's great civil rights activists, martin luther king jr. we will pause to remember dr. king's birthday and i'd like to bring in andrew young the third, former civil rights leader and ambassador andrew young. good to see you, sir. >> hey, craig, how are you doing? >> great. your father is a long time friend and confidant of reverend king. what have you learned from your father, and also, his generation as well? >> you know, i think that it is very important that we as americans today give each other a faith-saving way out, and that is one thing that my father was adamant about throughout his life is that when you have an opponent and have indifferences about a subject, that you give your opponent a way out. to keep his dignity and that is
12:24 pm
how you create change, and that is what dr. king and my father and dr. lowrie and others did during the civil rights movement when they were fighting bigotry. and unfortunately, that is what the president obama is going to to have to learn to do with the go gop. >> what are your thoughts as we get ready to see president obama sworn in for a second time tomorrow? >> i think that it's shows great respect that he chose to do it on the dr. king holiday. i think that it is vy important that we across the country continue to remember the great impact that dr. king had on our country. i think that it's a huge tribute that president obama chose to pick dr. king's holiday for his swearing in. >> your father, of course, marched with dr. king in selma in 1965, and he was one of the close advisers. what remains to be accomplished
12:25 pm
with regards to the fight for civil rights in this country? >> you know, i think that more than just civil rights as it relates to, i mean, the voting rights act was a huge part of what my father and dr. king stood for and fought for and today, we still rank 136th out of 172 democratic nations. and so, we have to work to get all people to the polls, of all races and genders, to make sure that we are exercising our right as americans to vote. i think that when we walked to that ballot box, we create change. >> row tyou are the ceo of a ch called give it is a web effort, and it is web philanthropy if you will, and do you see this as a 21st
12:26 pm
version of the civil rights? >> yes, absolutely. we all have to do our part to make a difference in the world. and give is a tech model we started. we are not a 501c because we want americans to help one another without relying on charity and government but doing it once family and one individual at a time. >> how's dad doing? >> he is doing great. i talk to him almost everyday. he is 80 years old and works 12 hours a day, and he says that moses was not called by god until he was old, and so he plans to do the same. >> we will talk to one of the lawmakers who are going to be hosting hearings, and what is the -- that is what friends are for. >> this is the president who saved the american auto industry
12:27 pm
from extinction and the american financial industry from self-destruction. the american economy from full blown depression. good evening, democrats. >> president obama's friend, massachusetts governor deval patrick talks to me about the president's next term, and about his own next steps. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. [ man ] visa prepaid opened a new world for me. ♪ i have direct deposit on my visa prepaid. my paycheck is loaded right on my card. automatic. i am not going downtown standing in line to cash it. i know where my money is, because it is in my pocket. i got more time with my daughter, we got places to go.
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now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. we have developing news right now in albuquerque, new mexico, and the nbc affiliate reporting that a 15-year-old boy is being charged with the murder of two adults and three children there. the victims were found inside of
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a house. all of them had multiple gunshot wounds, and we are gathering information, but police say they found several weapons nearby including an assault rifle, and assault-type rifle we are told, and again, we are continuing to gather information on this and we will pass along new information as soon as it becomes available. i'm craig melvin and good sunday to you. here are is a look at other top stories. they are still pulling bodies from an algerian gas complex taken over by militants last week. they say they have found 55 bodies, but they are still trying to figure out how many of them were ho hostages and how many were militants. bp says that 5 of its employees are still missing from the site. as gun owners marked gun appreciation day yesterday, there were three accidents at three separate gun shows this weekend, and five people were hurt after guns accidentally went off at events in north carolina, ohio and indiana. all of those injuries were
12:32 pm
nonlife threatening. and the inauguration is not just for grown-ups, because was the kids included performances by katy perry and usher and the cast of "glee." first daughters malia and sasha were also there. secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before congress this week on the september 11th benghazi attack, and the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans were killed in the attack. an independent review found state department procedures at the time were flawed. the hearings are coming in the first week of president obama's second term. the benghazi cop trntroversy is the only issue to dog the president's second term. we will talk to richard goodstein and roger tram is here, and the former communications drirector for rik santorum. let's start with the benghazi investigation here as we talked
12:33 pm
about carrying over into the second term, can republicans use this at all, richard, to discredit the president on foreign policy? >> i have to say that i think that benghazi is largely a function of people who suffer from obama-derangement syndrome, because i think that people who are kind of looking at the facts, does this trace to the white house, and does it trace to the president or the secretary of the state, and i h think that every bit of information that we have so far the answer to all of the questions so far is no. might they keep hammering it? of course, but at the end of the day, i don't believe we will look back in the second term and said, man, they should have gotten that benghazi behind them, because they have. >> and do you think that we will be talking about benghazi coming up? >> we, the facts and the more that the white house and the administration says this happened and by the way, that happened and not just from the partisan perspective, but coming from the state department and so forth, and with all respect, it is the senate role to ask the tough questions and the question is whether or not it is a
12:34 pm
legitimate con ver asian to have at this point in time or not. >> and one of the things that the senate will be doing over the next weeks and months is the confirmations, and john kerry's hearing for secretary of state to be later this month and thought to be a shoo-in, but how realistic to be an opportunity for republicans to air grievances about the president's foreign policy? >> geared more towards chuck hagel ironically, because senator ker are ri iry is respe the democratic and the republican side and he has the credentials so they will hold the fire for chuck hagel who is going to be secretary of defense. >> and you said that chuck hagel brings up the next topic, the conservative group america future fund, and they have produced a tv spot blasting chuck hagel and his supporter senator chuck schumer that is going to air on cable outlets
12:35 pm
and this is a look at a it and the left is not happy with hagel either and they have a use your mandate saying that he is a bad choice for women and gays and support for israel. what is chuck hagel's confirmation hearing going to look like? >> this is going to be the opportunity for republicans who were obviously unhappy with the president's re-election and the fact that they are the senate minority and to throw everything they have plus the kitchen sink. my forecast is that and chuck schumer says i'm comfortable with this guy, the support from the left, regarding israel and otherwise really kind of has to be dialed back, because schumer is no pushover when it comes to those issues and that is true regarding the gender and gay issues as well, so, yes sh, he going to be kind of an easy mark in some fashion, because the republicans resented the fact that he seemed to cozy up to obama in '08 and supported bob kerrey in the nebraska race this time around, and they have given up on him, but my belief is that he will get by not just with the democratic vote, but the republican votes. >> do you believe he gets confirmed?
12:36 pm
>> yes, i do, but what is telling is that the silence is deaf deafening. and chuck hagel does not have a home and a natural constituency, so many in his own party is coming out, and what is telling is that you don't have a whole lot of democrats that are overenthusiastic about the candidacy and that is telling. >> let's talk about the second-term curse and we want to put a graphic ston screen -- graphic up on the screen and this is telling, president nixon with the watergate scandal, and president reagan with the iran-contra affair, and president clinton impeached, and president bush faced the great recession and hurricane katrina. >> and well sh, the hubris that people use for the second term overreach. i don't think that barack obama is self-confident and you see a seemingly different president to
12:37 pm
d today than we saw a year or two ago when we went through the debt nonsense in the middle of 2011. i think that he feels much more able to pull the strings and know what the power is and isn't. he's been scandal-free, and in part, that comes from the top. no disrespect to any of the presidents who got into problems bu but he sets a standard that people know the line they have to tow and they know it and that is why the administration has done well, and he will have the republicans at him and that is going to keep him from the overreach from the republicans. >> and history is what the president has to worry about, because this is almost like deja vu all over again and it takes the scandal out of f the scandal out of it, but the fog of war and what may happen, and what the president has to be cognizant of and not just the presidents that you mentioned, but lyndon baines johnson and other presidents that in the second term things happen o
12:38 pm
outside of their reach, and he needs to be cognizant of history. >> thank you both for being here in person. >> happy inauguration. >> and yes. nice glasses. did you get them just for the inauguration. >> no, i didn't, but thank you. >> let's get going on the hearings and benghazi that are going to be happening this week, and congresswoman karen bass sits on the house foreign relations committee that will hear secretary clinton's testimony and joining me live now. always a pleasure, congresswoman. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> both of the senate and the house will hear from secretary clinton for the first time on benghazi, and what do you want to hear from secretary clinton? >> well, first of all, it is number one, good to see her and wish her the best. i am glad to know that she is feeling better, but i have to tell you that the state department has already put out a report that has identified 29 areas of recommendations, and we did have a hearing on benghazi just a few weeks ago, and she
12:39 pm
was not able to attend for obvious reasons, but one of the things that her representative said and i know that she will reiterate is that the state department is already under way implementing the recommendations that they have accepted responsibility and they have identified the areas of weakness and now our responsibility is to make sure that the state department has the resources that they have to make sure that our diplomats around the world are safe and secure. >> how aggressively and how publicly do the colleagues, do they plan to continue this investigation into the president's second term? >> well, i certainly hope that they are finished with them, because i think that this is an issue that really should be put to rest. again, the weaknesses have been identified and responsibility has been accepted, so what more do you need? i think that the reason why we are having the hearing now is because secretary clinton was not available before, and i do hope that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who question whether or not she will, if she was really ill, i hope they are prepared to
12:40 pm
apologize to her frankly onday, because it was shameful frankly. >> fbi director robert mueller in libya thursday. does the committee plan to hear from director mueller on that attack as well? >> well, i don't know. i know that the house foreign affairs committee has been reconstituted and actually when secretary clinton at the ends this wednesday, that is the first full meeting. we have a new chairman of the committee from california, a republican friend who i respect a lot, congressman ed royce, and so we will see whether or not this will bring things to conclusion or whether this will be an issue that is going to be continued to drawn out. >> congresswoman, how would you characterize the president's foreign policy here to for, and the obama doctrine is what it has been penned by folks like me in the media. how would you describe it? >> i would say that the president has an outstanding record when it comes to foreign
12:41 pm
policy, and it is interesting, because the you remember five years ago, you know, the or right after he was elected in the inauguration, everybody was questioning given his experience in foreign policy and they were really questioning his ability to handle u.s. foreign affairs, and i think that he has certainly shown first of all that we do have a new image in the world that is not to say that there is not problems and issues that need to be dealt with, but the way that the united states is viewed internationally now compared to six or seven years ago is a drastic difference and as a member of foreign affairs, i do travel internationally quite a bit, and i do know that, that is certainly the case. >> democrat from california and congresswom congresswoman, i e do appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me on. >> in 1981, some major news was broken in the inauguration festivities and we will recall that after this. and so my fellow americans,
12:42 pm
ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you country. >> president obama has learned many lessons from the predecessors including what to put in a speech, but has he learned any lessons from his own past speeches? we have and we will share that with you later this hour. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. erone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor
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12:46 pm
>> i, barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear. and most recently in 2009, an estimated 1.8 million people went to the national mall to witness president obama take the oath. >> i george walker bush do solemnly swear -- >> and it was a cold day in 2001 after the long drawn out battle over ballots in florida george w. bush took the oath of office for the first time. >> i, ronald reagan, do solemnly swear -- >> i, ronald reagan, do solemnly swear -- >> and it with news 1981 when ronald reagan was taking the oath on the steps of the u.s. capital word came that 52 americans who had been held hostage for 440 days in iran were on the way home. and moments later, the newly sworn in president reagan revealed the news to congress in
12:47 pm
the statuary hall. >> and now the conclude the test with thanks to almighty god, i have been given a tag line, to get-off line that everybody wants for the end of a toast or speech or anything else. some 30 minutes ago, the planes bearing our prisoners left iranian air space and are now fr free. so -- [ applause ] >> so, we can all drink to this one, to all of us together, doing what we all know we can do to make this country what it should be, what it can be, what it always has been.
12:48 pm
>> seven days later the former hostages were back on american soil. they landed at an drews air force base and greeted by family and friends and the new vice president, george h.w. bush. >> promises made and promises broken, and we look at what has been left undone from president obama's last inaugural address, and what that means about what we will be hearing tomorrow. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics and oaths of office.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
on this day we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and warn out dogmas that for far too long that strangled our politics, but our time of standing pat of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions, that time has surely passed. >> we all remember that inspiring call from president obama exactly four years, to end partisan politics. if you were keeping score, and we are, that promise would actually fall into the incomplete category. promises considered, mostly clept, more jobs and a middle class tax break, ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan and, of course, making health care accessible for all. tomorrow morning the president will be making even more promises. the question though, can he keep them? back with me now bill schneider,
12:53 pm
resident fellow for the think tank and lynn sweet of the chicago sun times." bill, your organization spends a fair amount of time on important issues of the day. what promises can we expect to hear from president obama tomorrow? >> immigration reform. i mean, that's something he neglected in his first term and didn't give it any real priority, and it's very important. really helped him get elected, re-elected rather. guns will come up, i think, because the mood is right for that. i'm not sure how far he'll be able to go with that because of the resistance in the house, but he'll fight the good fight on that issue, and he'll talk about doing two things at once which will be difficult to balance. one, jobs and economic recovery. two, bring down the debt and deficit spending. those are -- >> a balanced way. i'm sure he'll use that language as well. >> a balanced way. opposing goals, but he intends to do them both. >> lynn, do you think we'll hear any talk of energy or climate change at all in the speech tomorrow? >> i do. i think climate change will be an added starter when we look at
12:54 pm
agenda goals, and i don't know if we had this discussion two months ago, even if curbing gun violence would have been something we would have thought would come up tomorrow. >> yeah. >> but i think that it is -- it is just something that the obama administration did not put a super emphasis on in the last four years and will be something that we'll hear about, in addition to the things that bill talked about. but i think somehow that obama will try to still cast himself as somebody who can try to bring more calm voice to civic discourse. i don't see how it could happen right away, because it didn't happen in the last four years. not sure how he can figure out how to navigate is this time. >> let's listen to some of the other promises made in the president's last inaugural address. >> the state of our economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act, not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth. we will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and
12:55 pm
digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. we will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its costs. >> bill, he covered a lot of ground there. >> he did. >> he talked about jobs and infrastructure and science, health care, of course. does he have a lot to be proud of when he looks back on his first term? >> well, health care is certainly something to be proud of. it's the third leg of the democratic achievements of the past century. first, social security. second, medicare and third universal health care. that's not a small legacy. >> what do you think, lynn? again, he's talking about the digital grid and roads and bridges, and there have been -- there's been a great deal of resistance to investing more in infrastructure though. >> right, partly because the stimulus bill in the beginning of his first term was so consumed with building things, because that's what he thought would be able to stimulate the economy fastest. there's still a lot of work left to do in our economic recovery,
12:56 pm
even though it's better. job growth -- job unemployment has been under 8. there are still millions of people unemployed and underemployed in the united states, and i think that has got to be something the obama operation addresses. he's doing this free of ever having to run for office again, so i think we'll have a very different tone and tenure and different approach in the second term since he's not worried about re-election. >> when presidents don't have re-election hanging over them, how does it affect how they govern? >> generally speaking they turn their attention to foreign policy because they want to suddenly build a legacy as world leaders. we haven't been talking about. i don't know if he will be talking about it tomorrow. i don't know if he has a foreign policy agenda. i think his coalition does. human rights is right at the top of the agenda for america, women's rights and gay rights. >> really. >> a lot of countries oppress and even kill gay people.
12:57 pm
that's going to be a principle. >> those are some of the issues actually that this hasn't gotten a lot of attention that secretary of state hillary rodham clinton has been addressing during her ten tour at the state department. it will be interesting if it comes out of there and into the white house itself as -- as we look at what obama is willing and can do, but he has political capital. remember, when george bush says i have capital and now i'm going to spend it. we'll see if he does. >> we'll leave it there. lynn sweet and bill schneider, always a pleasure to you have you guys. should come up to new york more often. coming up, how president obama has started his second term hours after taking the oath of office, this one inside the white house. we'll go live to the white house next. >> historical, but it's also to let the president know that we support him and the things that he's trying to do for this country. >> to me it's an experience, you know, to get to be there for this inauguration and everything, so it's an experience for me. >> meanwhile, tens of thousands
12:58 pm
are coming from all over the country to see the president take the oath on the capitol steps tomorrow, that public swearing in. we will get a live report from the national mall, and on this day before dr. martin luther king jr. day, we will go one-on-one with the civil rights icon. this is msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you,
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ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> president obama taking the oath of office at the white house. good sunday afternoon to you. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics, and this is how president obama's second term started earlier today. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> i, bar rack hussein observe ma, do solemnly swear. >> i do barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> that i will faithfully
1:02 pm
execute the office of president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> preserve, protection and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice, thank you so much. >> and there you have it. we have team coverage of this 57th presidential inauguration. luke russert is on the national mall, but we start again with peter alexander live from the north lawn of the white house. pete, i think the highlight of that 51-second swearingin was the president's daughter saying you didn't mess it up, dad. >> you didn't mess it up, dad. he said i did it, and then she said you didn't mess it up, dad. this is little sasha, of course, and she's really grown up a lot since you first saw her bouncing on that stage at the democratic national convention. this is now a middle schooler we're talking about here. this was quite a day for the obama family, okay. it began this morning. the president joining his vice
1:03 pm
president joe biden at arlington national cemetery laying a wreath at tomb of the unknown soldier there before "taps" was played and then the obamas, michelle and barack obama going together to the african methodist emiss malcall church to celebrate martin luther king's anniversary -- the martin luther king holiday, of course, tomorrow in this church. it's historic in this country. 175 years old, the church s.then, of course, was the formal and official swearing in. that happened just shy of noon. it's the constitution, of course, craig that mandates this must happen before noon on january the 20. this is only the seventh time in american history that january the 20th fell on a sunday. that's why we did it today. we will then, of course, do it again tomorrow. tomorrow is really for show, and for the hundreds of thousands who gather here. a whole lot of ceremonies taking place tomorrow. frankly the president begins his day again going to st. john's church, just a short walk from here, the little yellow church a short distance away. they will go for that public
1:04 pm
swearing-in, the inaugural address and right back here as they sit front and center at the -- at the parade as it takes place marching right down pennsylvania avenue. the planners can only hope, craig, this weather sticks around. you'll remember four years ago this time, i know you were there, it was in the teens with a windchill, so we're praying the good weather sticks around. >> believe you me, my friend, i remember it well. >> reporter: i bet your toes do. >> peter alexander from the most famous address in this country. let's go south now, the national mall, where workers have less than 24 hours to get ready for the big day, a testament to just how nice it is out there. nbc's luke russert sporting a very light fleece on this january sunday. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, craig. a beautiful day on this sunday before, and you see because of that, a lot ever tourists coming down to the inauguration, they are checking it out, sort of having a dry run. i spoke to a few of them and a dry run for a lot of security that's that will be in place tomorrow. we've seen some of the 6,000 national guard troops walk around. also some of the 4,000
1:05 pm
metropolitan police officers here as well as the 2,000 from around the country that have been deputized to have a security presence here tomorrow. want to show you something pretty neat over there. we have a tower, you can see, tinted-out windows. that is a security tower where officers will have the ability to look into the crowd, high-powered cameras to see and scope out what's going down so if you're coming down on the mall tomorrow, expect a heavy security presence. also will see a few other interesting things. you see folks selling t-shirts over here. see a massive traffic jam now on seventh street coming tomorrow. if you're coming tomorrow, absolutely take metro. do not drive under any circumstances. backing up the day before. on a lighter note they had a big problem four years ago, greg, with the port-a-potties. this year they are spread out. they are not clustered in one group. they go all the way from seventh street here down to where the capital is and then back up towards the washington monument all in an idea for this time around to make it a lot more
1:06 pm
accessible to the general public and make it more friendly so people are not crammed in and we think because there's between 500,000 and 700,000 people as opposed to 1.8 million last time around, people should have more of an easier time walking around and, able to check out the stage from different vantage points. light mood, a lot because of the weather. people having a great time. sculpture garden ice rink is packed. tomorrow, a lot more crowded and a lot more of a security presence. craig? >> what are you hearing from folks, luke? i know you're talking to some people who probably come from all over. what are they telling you about what drew them to the second inaugurati inauguration? well, it's interesting. a lot of excitement for a lot of folks here and a lot of it is two things. obviously president obama being the first african-american presence. there's a heavy presence of african-americans here who wanted to see this historic moment play out again. talked to one group who missed it four years ago. they want to be able to say to their grandchildren some day that they were able to see the first african-american president
1:07 pm
sworn in again. the other thing people who have never done it before. like they want to get it off their bucket list. almost equivalent that some day they want to see a super bowl in their life. want to come down to d.c. and see the inauguration. talked to a tourist group that came all the way over from kansas by the sculpture garden. that's why they were here. wanted to see inauguration, never been before and will never come again. there's a certain does that you know from your wrc days, d.c. is the center point of the world tomorrow and a lot of people feel that. for us locals we'd rather be at home avoiding all the traffic, as you know. >> luke russert from the mall, thank you, my friend, do appreciate you. >> take care, be well. as president obama and the first lady join people across the country for a national day of service yesterday. guinn enthusiasts turned out for gun appreciation, but it didn't go exactly without a hitch. thousands flocked to rallies against stricter gun control yesterday and many with guns
1:08 pm
slung over their back, but today five people are recovering from injuries after accidental shootings at gun shows in ohio, indiana and -- and one in north carolina as well. joining me now congressman joe courtney, democrat from kentucky. congressman, good to see you, thanks so much for being with me on sunday -- from connecticut, i said kentucky. sorry about that. >> bad enough that louisville beat uconn but go ahead. >> president obama charged you and your colleagues this well with a set of gun proposals. among the proposals universal background checks, a ban on high capacity mag scene an assault weapons ban. stricter laws on gun trafficking as well. i want to play for you right now. this is a snippet from what chuck schumer said on "meet the press" this morning take a listen. >> this is the best chance of getting something done, and i think you're going to find much broader support than we've ever imagin
1:09 pm
imagined. >> what do you think? do you think at this point we'll get the broad support, congressman? >> i agree with senator schumer. talked to some of my colleagues from the other side of the hour. talked to some of my fellow democrats from rural districts. you know, the events that took place in newtown i do really think has changed the landscape around this issue. still going to be very challenging, but if you look at the polling and the shift that's occurred in the last month and the president's, you know, total engagement, i just give him such high marks about the fact that he followed through on the promise that he made to all of us in that auditorium in newtown high school about 30 days ago, that it's time to change things and he did. i mean, those executive orders will strengthen the database within the brady background check, but obviously congress has to act if we're going to create a universal background check and do something about the magazines and the military-style weapons. >> in terms of political feasibility, already a number of democrats have either been largely silent to a certain
1:10 pm
extent or they have come out and said i may be for universal background checks but i've got concerns about banning high capacity magazines or the assault weapons ban. do we think that the president probably shot for the moon here, understanding that he would land among the stars with regards to his wish list? >> you know, i actually feel that this is something that you can see it in his high that night, that this is something that he's just going to go for as strong as he possibly can, and i think the one thing in terms of his second term, i think the lesson he learned with student loans, with the fiscal cliff, was that going to the public, going over the heads of congress can force this body to move, and i really fully expect him to engage the public who has changed in the last 30 days to create that political environment, that it's going to make it, you know, better for members who are tempted to vote for some of these measures to actually follow through and do it. >> what do you make of some of
1:11 pm
these folks? some of these folks who are saying there's a growing concern that the president and congress are trying to rewrite the second amendment and that they are trying to take guns away from people? >> you know, again, i come from a relatively rural part of connecticut, and, you know, there are a lot of gun owners in my opinion, we've already been talking to with e-mails and calls, and who do -- are willing to support measures like local background checks so people with criminal records are prevented from buying weapons. if you look at supreme court decisions, hellor versus d.c., that set for the the strong interpretation of the second amendment as an individual right, even within the context of that ruling justice scalia says society has the right to restrict ownership for people with mental illness and criminal records and guns that fall into the hands of military operations than normal civilian use so i think, you know, reasonable gun owners, and, again, many of them
1:12 pm
who are outstanding people, veterans, law enforcement people, i think they are receptive to measures, which if you look at the president's package, totally protect individual rights under the second amendment. >> congressman joe courtney from connecticut, not kentucky, congressman, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks, craig. >> tomorrow's big inaugural address, should president obama, should he avoid making more promises? our experts are going to weigh in on that, and words from an old friend. >> oh, i'm incredibly excited. i think this president has -- has earned the second term. he has shown his -- a new level of resolve. >> governor devalue patrick on what we should expect from president obama's second term. my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer. i love the fact that quicken loans provides va loans. quicken loans understood the details and guided me through every step of the process. i know
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1:16 pm
new video just into us here at msnbc. martin luther king iii, reverend jackson there, also the reverend al sharpton at the mlk memorial earlier today. the event just a day before dr. martin luther king jr. day as well. the inaugural events are being celebrated, of course, alongside the national holiday honoring martin luther king jr., civil rights advocate and former u.s. senator harris wofford has been a key figure in the civil rights movement. really since it started. he's joining me now to put it all in perspective for us. food to see you, sir. thank you so much for being here. >> delighted. >> you have been in the struggle again for decades now, first as a friend and adviser to dr. king and then through the '60s with the kennedys, with president clinton when he expanded this holiday in 1994. and you were an early adviser and friend to president obama as well, i understand.
1:17 pm
what does tomorrow mean for you? >> well, tomorrow it means that what john lewis and i triggered in 1994, turning the day by act of congress into a day and a call for service, john lewis and i having agreed that a self-evident truth is that king would want it to be a day on, not a day off, and tomorrow is essentially the 20th year after we first started pushing for that. tomorrow is the second time the president of the united states has tied the inauguration to what obama called a central cause of his administration, getting all americans to serve, and it's not just for one day, although the output, the volunteers are in large, large numbers today.
1:18 pm
>> yeah. >> it's to get commitment for service all year long. >> you left congress, you mentioned, during the break in '94. left congress in '95 and the republican party rode that election wave into power. tell me a little bit with b where we are now in terms of the hyper partisanship that seems to permeate washington, d.c. versus that period of time where, again, a lot of folks said hyper partisanship was permeating washington, d.c. is it different at all, or is it about the same? >> i think there's a roller coaster ride through american history. and part of it, ups and downs, have to do with partisanship. part of it has to do with not facing our big problems, wanting to get away from them, and i think we're at a turning point. i think obama has been at a turning point, but the -- the second victory and the second
1:19 pm
inauguration are enabling him to make service not just in charitable ways but in action to solve our problems, to make that a central cause of his presidency, so i think service in the king day is something that people can come together on beyond party, and they were doing it yesterday here, and i hoe in the philadelphia area there's going to be 100,000 people doing it on martin luther king day tomorrow. >> there's a great piece in the "washington post" this morning comparing or looking at some of the similarities between dr. king and president obama and this, of course, is going to be -- this is going to be the comparison that's madeno now in the end of type. what are some -- you knew both men. what are some of the similarities between the two, between the men and their work? >> for them words matter because they then try to turn words into action. word must be made flesh, and i
1:20 pm
think the great similarity is that they have very much the same vision, but they have a determination in practical ways to meet the major challenges of our time. i would put high on it what king did in his speech on the lincoln memorial. the "i have a dream" speech was that we must open the doors of all opportunity to every child born alive with the fierce urgency of now, and i think they both have that fierce urgency, but they have a vision that takes them beyond partisanship. >> that fierce urgency of now, those are words that president obama used frequently early on when he was campaigning around as well. harris wofford, good to see you. former pennsylvania senator, longtime civil rights activist and still fighting the good fight as well. thank you. >> good to be with you on this good day. >> up next, sentiments from an obama friend and longtime supporter.
1:21 pm
i spent some time in boston talking to massachusetts governor deval patrick. we'll share his thoughts on the other side of this break, and will there be poetry in his words same-sex pectations for president obama's inaugural addre address, well, they run the gamut. our brain trust has our their thoughts. that's coming up. msnbc, the place for politics. stop compromising! new vidal sassoon pro series. care and styling from the original salon genius, created to let you have it all at an affordable price. new vidal sassoon lets you say no to compromise and yes to very shiny... very silky... very sexy... very you. it's salon genius in a bottle! now in your store. new vidal sassoon pro series. salon genius. brilliantly priced.
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1:25 pm
inaugural. >> oh, i'm incredibly excited. i think this president has -- has earned the second term. he has shown his -- a new level of resolve, of re-engagement with voters. he's -- he's very clear and has long been about his -- about his values, and i think he's clearer and clearer about his agenda, and it's a ambitious one that will be good for the country. >> what do you think we can expect from him in the second term? >> from a policy of point i don't think there will be surprises beyond the things that he's talked about, a growth strategy and investing in ourselves in this country, and in our future. i think we'll see immigration reform. i think we'll see some movement on gun safety as well. i think we'll see a continued raising of the -- of the country's stature in international and global affairs, and then, of course, there are always the surprises
1:26 pm
that come along, and this president has shown a steadiness when those events come along which i think serves us very, very well. >> again, you've known him longer than a lot of folks who know him now. how has the office changed him? >> i think he is a -- he is in many ways remarkably the same. >> really? >> i do. i think he is -- he is still composed and reflective in the sense of thinking not just about -- about what is good in the political short term but what is good for the country and what kinds of things he does today that will last. i think he has a very, very deep and sincere sense of generational responsibility that we're supposed to do today that leave the country better for tomorrow, and i think that his ability to reach the american people and have them understand that we are all in this together
1:27 pm
and we need to lift the country together is unique and his confidence, if anything, was renewed by the campaign. >> one of the knocks on the president is that he has not been able to do, as he promised he would, end the gridlock in washington, d.c. do you expect that we will see him make any inroads in that department? >> well, i think we will see and have seen an even greater resolve in this president, and i think it's plainer and plainer to the american people that the gridlock is the responsibility of a small but vocal group in the house and that -- their own politics i think will be at risk going forward, and that's going to be, as i say, clearer and clearer not just to the american public but to them. >> let's end the interview as you end most of your interviews these days. what's next? what are we doing? >> i'm going to finish -- >> are you going to make any announcement? >> thank you though for trying. >> i finish my second term in two year's time and we're running hard right through the
1:28 pm
finish line, and a very, very ambitious agenda to accelerate our own growth here in the commonwealth. >> how many times have you given that answer? >> i can give it as long as you like because it's the honest answer. >> and after two years? >> and then after two years i'm going to go back into the private sector where i've spent most of my career. >> that's it for deval patrick. >> that's it for now. i miss the private sector especially on pay day. >> especially on pay day. we will see whether governor patrick ends up in the cabinet and there's talk that he could end up on high court as well. a weekend like this, got the patriots playing as well, inauguration or at the game, governor patrick, in d.c. at the inauguration. i'm not sure what that tells you. coming up, lessons from the past. what president obama is learning from thomas jefferson and jfk's inaugural address as he's preparing to give his own. first off, a little bit of joe biden being sworn in as vice president the second time
1:29 pm
earlier today. take a look. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> that i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. >> the duties of the office of which i'm about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> congratulations.
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
we are still learning more about that apparent mass shooting in albuquerque, new mexico. our nbc affiliate there reporting that a 15-year-old boy is being charged with the murder of two adults and three children. the victims were all found inside a house there in albuquerque. all of them had multiple gunshot
1:33 pm
wounds, we're told. police say they also found multiple weapons nearby, including an assault-type rifle. we continue to learn more about this story when we get a little bit more information. we will, of course, pass it along to you. i'm craig melvin on this sunday afternoon. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories making news right now. algerian authorities pulled another 25 bodies today from the algerian gas complex that was taken over by islamic militants last week. that brings the death toll to 81, but authorities say they are still trying to figure out how many were hostages and how many were militants. meanwhile, bp says four of its employees who worked at the complex remain unaccounted for. norwegian gas company statoil says five of its employees are missing, too. transportation officials are looking for clues of what's causing problems on the 747 dreamliner. they thought the batteries were overheating but it might be something else.
1:34 pm
dreamliners were ground after a plane in japan made an emergency landing and another caught fire in boston earlier this month. baseball hall of famer stan musial has died. during his more than two decades with the st. louis cardinals musial earned the national league batting title. he won three world series championships. stan the man as he was known was 92. with the private swearing-in of president obama out of the way, anticipation is building for president obama's big public day tomorrow, especially that second inaugural address. msnbc contributor ari melber here in d.c. as well doing some inaugural coverage for tumbler and joins me now with his take on the twhoords will matter tomorrow. good sunday to you, my friend. >> good day. thank you, my friend. tomorrow president obama will deliver the 57th inaugural address. the best inaugural addresses tend to rise above politics. the most universal rhetoric in our history debuted on inauguration day. that's, of course, when fdr told
1:35 pm
a nervous populace we've got nothing to fear but fear itself and during an 1801 inaugural address thomas jefferson appealed to the ideal of non-partisanship as the control of the white house shifted between parties for the very first time. referring to the major parties of the day who were bitterly divided, just like today's democrats and republicans, jefferson famously said we're all republicans. we're all federalists, and one of the most famous appeals to patriotic service came from a very young president's first and only inaugural. >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> so can barack obama reach those same heights of oratory? well, as president he has been more measured. many commentators, of course, found his first inaugural address fairly bland. look, even local -- loyal supporters of the president would be hard pressed to name a
1:36 pm
favorite line from that speech. you can try that test on any good obama fan that you know. during the address last time, obama talked about the nagging fear that america's decline is inevitable. he pledged to harness the winds to power our factories, and he seemed to echo jfk's famous question with a technocratic th thud. >> the question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small but whether it works. >> that's not exactly historic, but there may have been a method to obama's milk toast in 2009. the new president had just won a big highly hyped campaign and promptly inherit an economic crisis. it was a time for humility and focus, not poetry, fanned that was the idea last time, i'm betting tomorrow may be similar. americans are still struggling with tough crises. there's a real jobs crisis around the country and a fake fiscal crisis cooked up every few months right here in washington. americans re-hired obama to work
1:37 pm
on the mess, but they don't have a lot of patience for drama. right now i don't blame them. craig? >> what do you think he should focus on tomorrow in the message? >> i think he's got to go beyond unity which we hear a lot and talk about obstruction and disruption. we need a unity and a bipartisanship in our process, not just in our outcomes which means people have to stop filibustering every single thing he sends down to the hill. >> so you think he talks about filibustering in the speech tomorrow? >> not the word. >> okay. >> but i think he talks about dysfunction which is something americans know in their gut. >> isn't that in just about every major presidential address? they rail against the gridlock that defines washington. president obama has done it on a number of occasions and has admitted that of his first term failings that's the one that hurts him the most, keeps him up at night. you think he brings it up again? >> i think he should and what's so special about the inaugural, we love it in the media and give it a lot of attention.
1:38 pm
this is the most unfiltered moment. the president gets to speak to everyone, so it is a great time to say, look, i am working really hard, and i've got some people down here who would rather go home and shut the doors of congress and all the stories that you and i know well, the audience may know well but the country doesn't realize, think he can do that in a big way. >> sure. >> not making predictions, not in that line of work, but i think it would be powerful if he did. >> stick around. we are going to pick up on this point with the rest of the brain trust right after a quick break as crowds are starting to gather on the national mall on this inauguration weekend. >> it's a great honor. >> it's historic, and it's beautiful to know -- to look down the mall and see the capitol with the flags. my name is marjorie reyes, and i'm a chief warrant officer.
1:39 pm
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a live look at the u.s. capitol as the sun starts to set here in washi washington, d.c. everyone is dressed up for the inaugurati inauguration. forecast calling for a high of 40 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. four years ago i was on pennsylvania avenue, and can i tell that you 40 degrees tomorrow would be balmy compared to what it was four years ago. 22 degrees before the winds started to blow. good to have you back with us. i'm craig melvin on this sunday afternoon. so what will president obama impart to americans tomorrow, and does -- does he have to be poetic in his delivery? i want to bring in the brain trust. ari melber is back, correspondent for "the nation" and msnbc contributor. he's wearing a special occasion tie, we should note. bob franken syndicated columnist and peter sutterman "reasoned" mag scene. good to have you all sitting here. a rare treat. usually we have you guys in boxes. bob, no doubt there's more pressure on president obama to deliver a more compelling
1:43 pm
inaugural address perhaps than four years ago. this is what michael waldman wrote about the impact, full screen here. it has been an odd fact that this president has consistently refrained from making bold statements when he has had his widest and most consequential audience. you've government presidents your entire agree. would you agree with michael waldman's assessment of president obama's speech-making so far? >> no. as a matter of fact we've had some very moving speeches in the wake of tragedy when he was just putting forth the gun control agenda that he wanted to talk about. i thought it was very powerful that he juxtaposed the second amendment with other constitutional rights, with other constitutional rights that are in the constitution, but i think that he on purpose downplayed sort of the point that you made earlier, downplayed his speech, his rhetoric in the first inaugural address because of what we're going through. i think he may also downplay it again. i would disagree with you when
1:44 pm
you said that he has to play defense against some of the paralysis that we're seeing in government. i think he's going to have a very optimistic speech. he's going to talk about, to use the word that everybody overuses, moving forward. >> what do you want to hear tomorrow? >> what i would like to hear. >> yeah, what do you want to hear, and what do you think we will hear? >> i think -- i'll start with what i think we will hear which is a sort of vague and airy discussion of division in the country, sort of references to what's going on in congress and to the opposition that republicans are providing to what the president wants to do, but he's not going to talk about anything specifically. he's not going to give us a real sense of what a second term is going to be like. he's not going to talk about specific policy issues. he's going to save that until the state of the union. >> and that was one part. what was the other part? >> and what i guess i would like to hear though is a little more of an emphasis about how he actually sees us getting to where he wants to go, so this is thing with president obama is
1:45 pm
that he's great at sort of presenting these big picture visions of places we'd all like to be. he's not so great at providing road maps for how get there. >> bob, you look disgusted. i think that the president is supposed to be as chief executive the big picture guy. >> yeah. >> and then it's up to staff to get us from here to there. >> he should be -- >> i disagree. >> peter's argument sounds a little bit like conservative projection. i think the people who haven't outlined a good alternative are mostly republicans in the house who seem to oppose everything without a solution, even when you get into detailed fiscal debates, they can't really tell you which exemptions they want to deal with, how they want to deal with this budget mess. i think what the president has to do ultimately is stitch together a narrative that connects the things we know that's out there. there's an economic problem, a gun violence problem and a problem of faith and trust in our institutions. >> and forgive the word play, but the last time around we had the audacity of home. i think with all that has gone on in the last four years we
1:46 pm
sort of have a paucity of hope. i really think right now the country is in a downer, and i think that his speech has to be a very -- quite a bit of realism as opposed to the lofty rhetoric. >> we're talking about the speech to a certain extent as it's viewed through the eyes of folks in this country, but this is the type of speech that is going to be viewed by folks all over the world. >> yeah. >> what do you think or do we think that the president says anything at all about foreign policy or where he sees this country's role in global affairs over the next four years? >> look, the people who follow foreign policy know that you have a significant shift going on with the team he's put together. chuck hagel is a classic republican in name only in the sense that he has a much more multi-lateral and dare i say peaceful view of the pentagon, john kerry, my old boss coming into state, so i think the president can outline that in a big way. he won the nobel for no reason before he'd done anything. the second term we generally see presidents put a lot of emphasis on foreign policy, and we have a lot of problems in the middle east. we have problems with the drone
1:47 pm
war that's fairly unaccountable. i don't think he's obviously going to attract -- >> i was about to say i doubt he brings up the drone war. >> he's not here. you asked me, craig. >> you would like to hear him talk about the drone war, i'm sure. >> so i think there are both tremendous opportunities and still some serious problems with this president's foreign policy but he's going, to again, outlining that at grandest level of why america is going to be responsible steward and be a partner in change in the middle east, not an apressor. >> you don't have much patience for these grandiose speeches, do you? i actually think that obama is a pretty good speech-maker at times, especially -- i don't think he's gotten worse though, i'll say that. i think that as his presidency has caught up with his rhetoric, it's become harder for him keep to keep up with these big promises. >> come on. i have to disagree. the speech i was referring to which i thought was quite moving, if you're certainly somebody advocating gun control, was something that was just delivered a week or so ago, so, no, i think he's capable of
1:48 pm
strong rhetoric. i just think that he's inconsistent perhaps, or the decision is that this is not the time to be lofty. this is the time to be business. >> but go back and look at how obama spoke and wrote, especially before he was president, when he was a senator, even before he was a senator. he was a remarkable literary talent. this was a guy who was a very good writer, the sort of person who could be competing in sort of the top ranks there, and as he has become more of a public figure and sort of had to dilute his message to make it more accessible to a wired audience, he's just become so much less interesting from a literary perspective than a political perspective. >> do you think after a while that folks, with any president, any speaker or public figure for that matter, they become desensitized after a while? i mean, if you hear someone, as my grandma would say, new broom sweeps clean. initially you see. >> i don't know that one. >> well, i don't have 20 minutes to explain all of my grandmother's cleverization to you, but, no, all seriousness, i
1:49 pm
think it sunounds like what we' saying is oh, my god, this is revolutionary, and now you hear the president, you know, every day and some of the newness has worn off. >> are we looking for literary here? i don't think so. we're not talking about him going after pulitzer. if he can win another nobel prize, fine, but the point here is -- the point is that reality has sort of caught up. you have a recalcitrant opposition, to put it mildly. you have huge problems that have to be solved and no rhetoric in the world is going to move that forward at all. >> economic reality has also caught up with his policies. you see the promises that his team made with the stimulus that didn't quite pay off. you see obama care which was supposed to bring down the cost of health insurance. instead health insurance premiums are going up by a lot, and you also have sort of the reality of his policies just not as -- not as great as he sold them. >> and this goes to the heart of the question which is conservatives often want to make this a discussion about the
1:50 pm
first term. god bless them. i think it's a losing strategy. i think where america is at, i don't speak for america. >> are you sure? >> dangerous way to start a sentence on tv, but i've got to tell you i think america is looking towards the second term, something you said earlier, forward, and that's going tonight question, the economic revitalization that this country needs, more action on the hill and potentially regulation of gun violence in a way we haven't seen in a generation, and i think those are things about the future, not health insurance premiums and obama care, a litany of complaints that have been tested in every avenue. you lost in the courts. you lost in the court of public opinion, and you lost in congress. i would advise you to move on from obama care but keep at it, if you want. >> very short point. i think what america is looking for quite frankly is not to be disgusted by the political process. >> isn't that what we've been looking for for a long time? >> we have, but the polls keep going down and down and down when it refers to the politicians. >> would i put it a different way. i would say what they are really looking sfoor way to be able to
1:51 pm
ignore it comfortably. americans don't like to have to pay attention and feel like things aren't working. they don't want to pay attention to politics. >> take their kids to soccer practice and go to work and not bother being -- >> i hope you're wrong because we're going to be out of a job. >> quick break. brain trust is going to sit tight. coming up. i want to ask each of you to look into the future and give me tuesday's headline. the headline after the inaugural address. i've got some pretty good ideas where you guys stand, but we'll take a look at headlines right after this. msnbc, the place for politics. r. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size.
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a live look. 1600 pennsylvania avenue where president obama is getting set for tomorrow's inauguration. welcome back the bain trust. ari mel elbe and peter suderman
1:55 pm
and bob frank. thanks for sticking here with me. the headlines the day after. tuesday morning, peter, what would your headline be? >> a vision, not a plan. i think we're going to see, like i said -- >> i gathered that's probably where you're going. >> this is what we're going to get from obama. it's what we got the first inaugural. >> aren't grand speeches supposed to be pretty much rhetoric, waxing poetic? what was the last speech you heard at an inaugural address that laid out a 17-point plan? >> "the new york post" inaugurals don't do that, but what these inaugurals also don't do is even suggest sort of how we might get there. it's not that you necessarily need to provide a 17-point plan, but you need to sort of say there's the place that we want to go to in the future. there's the mountain we're aiming towards and there's a road between us and that mountain. >> what's your headline? >> we won't see it, but if i had my way, you would, which is back to reality.
1:56 pm
>> obama insists he was born in the united states. >> insists he was important in the united states, but serious point is back to reality, because here we have all these problems that are facing us. >> yeah. >> nice to have this celebration but it's time to dig in and take care of some of these issues. we can't have every three month a debt ceiling crisis. someone is going to have to come up with some way from stopping these people from being drama kings and drama queens. >> drama's out. >> is that your headline? >> mine is basically with a call for unity, obama presses assertive domestic agenda. i don't expect him to tick off the details, for example, of gun regulation. he already did that last week, but i think he is going to use the bully pulpit here for the idea that he can really lead us to more action on the domestic front in congress. >> and one other point. the facetious headline i came up with him being born in the
1:57 pm
united states. we need to get past all this. it's time to stop this because it's counterproductive and it's causing a paralysis. >> and i would briefly say it's not that we need to get past it, we have to call out who is responsible for t.only one group that's still trading in birtherism, it's a one-sided problem. >> i'd like, to if we could, pull up your headline again. i don't know if we can do that. >> yes, sir. >> a question not so much about the headline. >> talk to me. >> can we pull it up there, guys. can we get ari's? i have a question about this picture. was that taken eight, nine years ago? like who is that guy? >> i pulled that off the web. go to election tumbler and find a better picture. >> many thanks to today's brain trust panel. many thanks to you as well for being with me. join me next saturday here on msnbc, 2:00 herein for the latest political news and
1:58 pm
analysis and keep it right here throughout the night and tomorrow as well. for the latest coverage of president obama's second inauguration. meanwhile, have yourselves a fantastic sunday night. this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft.
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